When Harsha a Bike Stunter from Vishakapatnam accidentally meets Indhu discovers his warrior life KALABHAIRAV in his last birth, the remaining story portrays how Indhu and Kalabhairava are connected.

“I want to play in the snow!”

hi Cursor          guifg=#000000 guibg=#F8F8F0

Your underwear!

hi clear

“I forgot to put on my pants!”

hi String          guifg=#E6DB74

And said, “I’m too tired.”

hi DiffText                      guibg=#4C4745 gui=italic,bold

He had on his scarf.

hi VertSplit       guifg=#808080 guibg=#080808 gui=bold

图片 1

hi NonText         guifg=#BCBCBC guibg=#3B3A32

“Wha-a-a-a-a-t?”yelled Froggy.

hi DiffAdd                       guibg=#13354A

Put on his hat-zat!

hi StatusLineNC    guifg=#808080 guibg=#080808

Tied on his scarf-zwit!


He had on his Pants.


And went back to sleep.

set nocompatible
filetype on
set history=1000
if has(“vms”)
set nobackup
set backup
” 可以在buffer的任何地方使用鼠标
set mouse=a
set selection=exclusive
set selectmode=mouse,key
set nu!
set cursorline
set background=dark
set guioptions-=T
set ruler
“always show the status line
set laststatus=2
set wrap
set linebreak
set autoindent
set smartindent
set ai!
set tabstop=4
set noexpandtab
set shiftwidth=4
set backspace=2
set whichwrap+=<,>,h,l
syntax on
set showmatch
“set nohlsearch
set incsearch
set guifont=Monaco 10
“不使用与vi兼容的键盘模式set nocompatible
“检测文件的类型filetype on
“记录历史的行数set history=1000
“修改一个文件后,自动进行备份,备份的文件名为原文件名加“~“后缀if has(“vms”)set nobackupelseset backupendif
” 可以在buffer的任何地方使用鼠标set mouse=aset selection=exclusiveset selectmode=mouse,key
“显示行号set nu!
“高亮显示当前行set cursorline
“背景使用黑色set background=dark
“去除vim的GUI版本中的toolbarset guioptions-=T
“在编辑过程中,在右下角显示光标位置set ruler
“always show the status lineset laststatus=2
“自动换行set wrap
“整词换行set linebreak
“自动对齐set autoindent
“智能对齐set smartindent
“设置自动缩进set ai!
“设置tab键为4个空格set tabstop=4
“不要用空格代替制表符set noexpandtab
“设置行间交错为4个空格set shiftwidth=4
“使退格键可用set backspace=2
“允许backspace和光标键跨越行边界set whichwrap+=<,>,h,l
“语法高亮度显示syntax on
“设置匹配模式,类似当输入一个左括号时会匹配相应的那个右括号set showmatch
“默认情况下,搜索结果是高亮度显示的,该设置关闭高亮显示”set nohlsearch
“随输入增量搜索set incsearch
“设置字体set guifont=Monaco 10

He had on his mittens.

hi DiffChange      guifg=#89807D guibg=#4C4745

and slipped his pants on-zip!

hi SpellLocal  guisp=#70F0F0 gui=undercurl

Tugged on his mittens-zum!

hi Comment         guifg=#75715E gui=italic

Started to tug on the other… and let it drop.

syntax reset

“Don’t you know!


Tugged on his mittens-zum!

hi CursorColumn                  guibg=#3E3D32

He had on his Coat.

hi NonText         guifg=#BCBCBC guibg=#232526

Wake up when the snow melts.”

” no guarantees for version 5.8 and below, but this makes it stop

“Did you forget to put something on?”

hi Typedef         guifg=#66D9EF

He flopped back inside-flop flop flop.

set background=dark

Tugged off his mittens.


It was cold.

hi SpecialChar     guifg=#F92672               gui=bold

Tugged off his mittens.


Froggy looked down. “Oops!” cried Froggy.

hi Debug           guifg=#BCA3A3               gui=bold

And flopped outside into the snow-flop flop flop.

hi IncSearch       guifg=#C4BE89 guibg=#000000

He flopped back inside-flop flop flop.

hi SpellCap    guisp=#7070F0 gui=undercurl

“Wha-a-a-a-a-t?”yelled Froggy.

if version > 580

He had on his Shirt.

hi Error           guifg=#960050 guibg=#1E0010

“Get back to sleep, Froggy,” said his mother.

hi Comment         guifg=#465457 gui=italic

Tugged off his mittens.

let g:colors_name=”molokai”

Frrrooggyy! Called his mother.


“Did you forget to put something on?”

hi Search          guifg=#FFFFFF guibg=#455354

What could be missing?

hi StorageClass    guifg=#FD971F               gui=italic

He had on his Boots.

hi Directory       guifg=#A6E22E               gui=bold

Unzipped his pants.

hi Keyword         guifg=#F92672               gui=bold

Froggy looked down. “Oops!” cried Froggy.

hi WildMenu        guifg=#66D9EF guibg=#000000

Good night Froggy.

hi Identifier      guifg=#FD971F

Then he pulled on his boots-zup!

” Note: Based on the monokai theme for textmate

Tied on his scarf-zwit!

let s:molokai_original = 0

Tugged on one mitten-zum!

hi Tag             guifg=#F92672               gui=italic

Untied his scarf.

hi PmenuSel                      guibg=#808080

“No! No!”cried Froggy.

hi Function        guifg=#A6E22E

Tugged on his mittens-zum!


Took off his hat.

hi VisualNOS                     guibg=#403D3D

Untied his scarf.

hi Delimiter       guifg=#8F8F8F

Pulled off his boots.

hi Normal          guifg=#F8F8F2 guibg=#1B1D1E

Put on his hat-zat!

set guifont=Monaco 10

Frrrooggyy! Called his mother.

hi SpecialKey      guifg=#66D9EF               gui=italic

“Wha-a-a-a-a-t?”yelled Froggy.

hi ErrorMsg        guifg=#F92672 guibg=#232526 gui=bold

Put on his hat-zat!

hi Structure       guifg=#66D9EF

And flopped back outside into the snow-flop flop flop.

hi SpellRare   guisp=#FFFFFF gui=undercurl

He reached up-Yep! He had on his hat.

hi PreCondit       guifg=#A6E22E               gui=bold

So Froggy put on his socks-zoop!

hi Label           guifg=#E6DB74               gui=none

Pulled on his boots-zup!

hi Conditional     guifg=#F92672               gui=bold

I want to go out and play in the snow.”

hi Todo            guifg=#FFFFFF guibg=bg      gui=bold

He had on his Socks.

hi Special         guifg=#66D9EF guibg=bg      gui=italic

looking more red in the face than green.

hi CursorLine                    guibg=#3E3D32

Frogs are supposed to sleep all winter.

hi Type            guifg=#66D9EF               gui=none

Frrrooggyy! Called his mother.

hi Operator        guifg=#F92672

Unbuttoned his shirt.

let s:molokai_original = g:molokai_original

“Snow!Snow!” he sang.

hi Folded          guifg=#465457 guibg=#000000

His mother laughed. “Oops!” cried Froggy,


Unsnapped his coat.

if has(“spell”)

“I forgot to put on my shirt!”

hi SpecialKey      guifg=#888A85               gui=italic

Pulled on one boot-zup!

hi MatchParen      guifg=#000000 guibg=#FD971F gui=bold

Took off his hat(he left his pants, boots, and socks on)

if s:molokai_original == 1

“And your coat!” added his mother.

hi WarningMsg      guifg=#FFFFFF guibg=#333333 gui=bold

Untied his scarf.

hi Macro           guifg=#C4BE89               gui=italic

And flopped back outside into the snow-flop flop flop.

hi Normal          guifg=#F8F8F2 guibg=#272822

Then he put on one sock-zoop!


Tied on his scarf-zwit!

hi Exception       guifg=#A6E22E               gui=bold

Tookoff his socks(he left his hat on).

hi DiffDelete      guifg=#960050 guibg=#1E0010

Then he snapped on his coat-znap!

hi Repeat          guifg=#F92672               gui=bold

“I’m Awake! Awake!

hi CursorLine                    guibg=#000000

And slipped his long johns on-with a zap! Of elastic.


and buttoned up his shirt-zut! zut! zut!


He flopped back inside-flop flop flop.

hi LineNr          guifg=#BCBCBC guibg=#3B3A32

Pulled off his boots(he left his socks on)


“Did you forget to put something on?” Froggy looked down.

” by Wimer Hazenberg and its darker variant

Froggy woke up and looked out the window.

hi FoldColumn      guifg=#465457 guibg=#000000

hi Statement       guifg=#F92672               gui=bold

hi clear

hi StatusLine      guifg=#455354 guibg=fg


hi PmenuSbar                     guibg=#080808

hi Constant        guifg=#AE81FF               gui=bold

hi SpellBad    guisp=#FF0000 gui=undercurl

hi Question        guifg=#66D9EF

if exists(“syntax_on”)

hi Float           guifg=#AE81FF


hi Visual                        guibg=#403D3D

” complaining

” complete menu

hi PreProc         guifg=#A6E22E

hi SpecialComment  guifg=#465457               gui=bold

hi Character       guifg=#E6DB74


hi ModeMsg         guifg=#E6DB74


hi Ignore          guifg=#808080 guibg=bg



set nu

图片 2

hi PmenuThumb      guifg=#66D9EF

hi SignColumn      guifg=#A6E22E guibg=#232526


hi Define          guifg=#66D9EF

” by Hamish Stuart Macpherson

hi MoreMsg         guifg=#E6DB74

hi LineNr          guifg=#BCBCBC guibg=#232526

” Author: Tomas Restrepo <tomas@winterdom.com>

hi Pmenu           guifg=#66D9EF guibg=#000000



hi CursorColumn                  guibg=#000000

if exists(“g:molokai_original”)

” marks column

hi Number          guifg=#AE81FF

” Vim color file


hi Underlined      guifg=#808080               gui=underline

hi Boolean         guifg=#AE81FF

hi Title           guifg=#ef5939